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Grade Book

Grade Book

PAEx Grade book feature makes recording and calculating grades simple and efficient. Simply enter student grades and let PAEx do the rest. Fully customizable, you can weight individual assignments or categories to suit your class's needs, add and delete assignments, and redefine assignments and grade weighting. After new grades are entered, the overall class grade is averaged and updated. Teachers no longer have to spend hours poring over grade books, papers, reports, and calculators. PAEx does all of the calculations, updates, and reports associated with grading. This makes grading more efficient and reduces calculation errors. Progress reports and grade checks are also a thing of the past. PAEx automatically updates the Parent Portal with current grading information so that parents can monitor grades and be an active participant in their student's education.

Interactive Database and Autocomplete

The interactive grade database help make other grade management tasks for efficient as well. Report cards and transcripts are also completed automatically using the interactive database. The report card and transcripts features share the grading database and pull updated grading information into their reports.

Online Parent Tracking

Student's grades are also posted automatically to the Parent Portal so parents have access to their student's most up to date grades at any given time. This eliminates daily requests for progress reports and grade checks which can be very time consuming. If parents have questions about grades or assignments, then a message can be sent to the teacher through the Parent Portal. Teachers can now use their time more effectively preparing assignments, planning activities, and ensuring the success of their students. 6. Report Cards - Report cards are perhaps the most anticipated report of the school year. A cumulation of a student's hard work throughout the year, a report card can be a huge reward for dedicated students and their parents. Report cards, however, can be a time-consuming undertaking for both the office and teachers. PAEx streamlines this process so that report cards are no longer a hassle to produce. PAEx automatically completes report cards using the school's interactive database. Report cards are totally customizable so you can include the information that is important and unique to your school. Once teachers and administrators finalize and approve the report cards, they are available immediately to students and parents.