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Fee Tracking and Online Payments

Fee Tracking and Online Payments

Billing is always a time-consuming project, but one that certainly cannot be ignored. You have to keep track of numerous types of fees and then apply them to the correct students, manage incoming payments and receipts, and making bills and sending notices when bills are due. PAEx can help you streamline the process so that it doesn't get out of control, or consume more time than necessary. PAEx provides a way simple way to charge fees, manage payments, print and save receipts, and even a way to deliver payment notices online. All billing and payment information is stored in the student's file, so all information is kept together in one place. Itemized charges, both past and upcoming, are easy to view and reference. Standard school charges can be set up once and then applied as necessary keeping billing consistent and reducing billing errors. Online billing enables your school to accept credit card payments, without the headache of managing credit card payments. Parents can view their school bills online through the Parent Portal and pay at home with their credit card through Stripe. Stripe takes care of processing the payment and posting approved payments to PAEx administration and parent accounts. Your school doesn't have to do anything. It doesn't get better than that!

Family Billing

When you have two or more students enrolled at your school from one family, you can use the Family Billing feature. This is a great feature that enables you to view and bill a family on a single invoice. PAEx will even let you customize the allocation of fees across family members. This further streamlines the billing process for the school and makes invoices easier to read and understand for the parents.

Standard Charges & Fees

When you have a charge that you use frequently, like monthly tuition fees, you can set up a template defining the fee. When you need to apply that charge, you can apply it to a group of students all at once, or you can apply fees one student at a time. It saves administration time because there is no longer a need to look up each fee and then apply it every student in the school one at a time. It also reduces errors because the fee is charged equally to all students every time it is applied.